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I always get my supplies in a timely matter. Very easy to order and pay online.

VA Medical Center, Supply Inventory Manager

It is always in the best interest of companies to partner with a CVE verified SDVOSB for the growth of our social economic status both here at the VA as well as within society as a whole.

Veterans Health Administration, Contracting Officer

In this business having a true passion for the well-being of the patient is rare and I can say with absolute certainty that SDVOSB-Medical possesses that trait as an organization.

Oncology Industry Consultant

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For Federal Contracting Officers
NAICS: 325411, 325412, 325413, 325414, 325998, 334510, 334517, 339112, 339113, 339115, 339920, 339950, 423420, 423430, 423450, 423460, 423490, 423840, 424210, 446110, 446199, 541310, 541330, 541611, 541712

DUNS Number: 968841457

CCR-Cage Code: 6GR70

SDVOSB-Medical, LLC is verified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) by the VA Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE).

SDVOSB-Medical, LLC was added to the verified business database (Vendor Information Pages) at www.VetBiz.gov , which is the only Federally controlled database in which a legal verification process is used to determine service disabled or Veteran status of a small business.

SDVOSB-Medical, LLC was required to submit evidence of ownership / control, financial solvency, business / management capabilities and Veteran Status, and is now eligible to be awarded VA contracts under the Veterans First Contracting Program (Public Law 109-461).

For Industry Partners
Veterans First Contracting Program

"On June 20, 2007, Public Law 109-461 went into effect, which authorized a unique "Veterans First" approach specific to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) contracting. The legislation:
  • Redefines priorities for contracting preferences within VA, placing Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSBs) First satisfying VA's acquisition requirements.
  • Allows sole source contracts over the Simplified Acquisition Threshold up to $5,000,000 (including options).
  • Implements restricted competition Information Pages at www.VetBiz.gov, which is the only Federally controlled database in via Set-Aside Procedures for each SDVOSB.
  • Allows additional credit evaluation factors for SDVOSB status.
  • Authorizes large VA prime contractors to obtain subcontracting credit for SDVOSBs only when they subcontract with verified firms in VIP.

Our Commitment
Mr. Hoyt chooses to receive his care as a patient in the VA medical system. He is fully committed to superlative care within the VA & DoD and is an advocate for veteran and wounded warrior patient health care and well being concerns.

SDVOSB-Medical seeks to enhance wounded warrior, veteran and military patient access to advanced technologies within our federal health care system. SDVOSB-Medical's President and Founder, Spencer A. Hoyt recognizes a lack of advanced patient centric products for veterans and wounded warriors in this space. SDVOSB-Medical fills that void with its portfolio of innovative, novel and proven medical devices, consumables and scientifically based health care products and services.

This includes improved access to novel and innovative technology through SDVOSB-Medical's manufacturing partner alliances, Mr. Hoyt's 17 years of federal health care experience and his dedication to improving health care for plan administrators, providers and their patients within the federal health care space.

During his last several years as National Federal Account Manager at Schering-Plough Corporation, Mr. Hoyt was responsible for over 200 field sales personnel, distribution oversight and "Best Value Pricing & Service" leadership guidance in the Federal Markets (VA / DoD). He led expansion efforts with the following horizontal distribution networks and health care plans: TriCare, CVS-Caremark, Curascript, Humana, TriWest and HealthNet. Mr. Hoyt ensured product deliverables and improved patient care for over 2 million Tricare beneficiaries with gross federal sales exceeding $100M annually.

During his 13 year health care service in the U.S. Military, Mr. Hoyt served in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force Reserves and U.S. Army Reserves. He served in combat in Desert Storm and as a Medical Service Corps Officer in a logistics capacity. He understands the needs of the patient, the provider and administrative staff throughout federal health care facilities.

SDVOSB-Medical's subject matter expertise includes the federal health care markets, a value proposition customer approach, patient-centered contracting advice, fair and reasonable pricing strategies, buy and bill expertise, marketing, brand development and distribution channel oversight of novel medical products and support for those products through superlative customer service nationally and internationally.

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About SDVOSB-Medical, LLC

To Our Government Customers:
SDVOSB-Medical, LLC, is a VA-CVE Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides Systems Integration, Innovative Technologies and Risk Adverse Solutions through our Rock Solid distribution offerings. Our central mission is to improve patient health care through Value Based Solutions by providing innovative best in class products and services ensuring clinically relevant outcomes.

Contracting officer's can fully expect SDVOSB-Medical will respond to market research, RFI's, RFP's & RFQ's with all offers being made at a fair and reasonable price or a "Non Response" will be provided.

SDVOSB-Medical believes in providing best value to health care staff and the Veterans / Patients they serve.

SDVOSB-Medical carries over 5 million dental, medical, laboratory and diverse additional supplies used across federal (VA / DOD, etc...) hospitals and outpatient clinics. If you need a product, it's highly likely we carry that brand or provide a functionally equivalent product.

To Our Manufacturing Partners:
SDVOSB Medical is a national medical systems integrator that buys and bills equipment and supplies. Our subject matter expertise in the Federal Health Care Markets (Dept of Veterans Affairs & Dept of Defense among others) provides innovative companies the expertise needed to navigate the federal healthcare procurement space. Our central mission is to improve patient health care through Value Based Solutions by providing innovative best in class products and services ensuring clinically relevant outcomes.

SDVOSB Medical embraces a "Patients First" mission as its core value.

Our systems integration solutions are driven via productivity enhancement and cost avoidance metrics. We respond to the unrelenting pressures for improvement with patient outcomes through innovative healthcare delivery. We seek to provide a demonstrable ROI to medical providers in the federal healthcare space. We are market specific and support the federal health care systems (VA, DoD, etc...) nationally.

SDVOSB Medical is constantly evaluating market needs and new product and system based innovation. SDVOSB Medical welcomes inquiries from manufacturers with innovative products seeking horizontal sales and system integration services and solutions within the federal health care space.