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SDVOSB-Medical in the Federal Health Care Space

Our product launch and subject matter expertise in the Federal Health Care Markets (VA, DoD) provides perfect synergies for those companies interested in helping Wounded Warriors and Veterans in this unique health care model. Our staff and manufacturing partners work closely with Federal Health Care providers, plan administrators and contracting officers to make the acquisition process a seamless experience.

Our productivity enhancement and cost avoidance solutions respond to the unrelenting pressures for improvement in healthcare delivery and produce a demonstrable ROI to the Federal Health Care Market nationally.

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SDVOSB-Medical Affiliations:
SDVOSB-Medical partners with each of the organizations listed below. To find out more about each of these innovative-companies and their "Best In Class" services, please click on their logos below.

SDVOSB-Medical - VetBizCentral

Mr. Hoyt is a Program Advisor / Mentor for VetBizCentral Clients
VetBizCentral is a non-profit agency which is dedicated to assisting veteran entrepreneurs. It is one of three such centers in the nation. The mission of the Veterans' Business Outreach Center (VBOC) is to help create, develop, and retain veteran-owned small business enterprises. The VBOC provides entrepreneurial training through workshops and the internet, counseling, technical assistance, and resource utilization services to Veterans, Service-Disabled Veterans, Reservists, National Guard Members, and Active Duty business owners and start-up entrepreneurs in the Upper Midwest including MI, WI, MN, IA, IL & IN


AMSUS was organized in 1891 and chartered by Congress in 1903 to advance the knowledge of healthcare within the federal agencies and to increase the effectiveness of its members. It is dedicated to all aspects of federal medicine - professional, scientific, educational and administrative. Presently our nearly 8,000 members represent all healthcare disciplines and serve in the Active and Reserve Components of all of the uniformed services as well as the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


NaVOBA's Mission is simple - to create opportunities for all of America's veteran-owned businesses. More than 3 million men and women who have defended our nation's freedoms by serving in America's armed forces have made the choice to start their own small businesses after their military service. We call them vetrepreneurs.


VETransfer is a comprehensive entrepreneurship training program that is inclusive to all U.S. Military Veterans with an Honorable discharge as well as Active Duty Soldiers. There are two distinct programs each startup must complete. Founders and their team will be required to complete a series of self-paced 21st Century Entrepreneurial curriculum programs that have been written and developed by some of the world's greatest entrepreneurs, including Steve Blank and Alexander Osterwalder.

SDVOSB-Medical - Wisconsin Procurment Institute

The Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), a non-profit organization established in 1987, is an outgrowth of then Congressman Les Aspin's efforts to help Wisconsin businesses win federal contracts, especially defense contracts. WPI's mission is to assist Wisconsin businesses in creating, developing and growing their Federal, State and Local Government sales, revenues, profits and jobs.

SDVOSB-Medical - LaunchPad Healthcare Solutions

National Contract Account Management Organization designed to provide emerging BioPharma/MD&D clients accelerated new product launch capabilities across national healthcare delivery hierarchies including IHDNs, GPOs and National/Regional Health Plans, HMOs, LTCs, VA, DoD, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. The LHS Team covers 90% of the major metro areas across the US.

SDVOSB-Medical - Buy Veteran

Find a Veteran Owned Business Near You

Web Design Milwaukee

Adroidea is a customer-based web design firm located in the Midwest. The goal in our studio is to provide you with a best design and fit it into your budget. We pride ourselves on customer service. You will be taken care of and walked through the sometimes imposing task of creating a website. We are here for you and will continue to provide support for you and your website even after our job is done. Check out our portfolio and feel free to check our references. Each and every customer we see leaves happy and excited to show off their new website! - See more at:

SDVOSB-Medical's Product Portfolio:
SDVOSB-Medical carries the entire portfolio of products available at each of the companies listed below. To find out more about each of these innovative-companies and their "Best In Class" products, please click on their logos below.

SDVOSB-Medical - Zylast

Tested by independent laboratories across the country, Zylast™ is truly a revolution in hand hygiene. After testing the product, researchers at Pace University concluded, "No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of the long term protection exhibited by the Zylast® hand sanitizers." SDVOSB-Medical is an authorized partner, available to answer any questions and ready to help with your order.

SDVOSB-Medical - Stat Corp Medical

Statcorp has developed the only BP Cuff available in reusable or disposable selections specifically designed for the natural shape of most arms via a conical shape. With this patent protected technology, your patient now has a cuff made specifically for them; offering comfort and accuracy in one package.


HyGreen provides the first line of defense in the control of healthcare associated infections. This electronic hand hygiene monitoring system not only records all hand hygiene events in the hospital, but it also reminds busy healthcare workers to wash their hands between patients. SDVOSB-Medical is an authorized partner, available to answer any questions and ready to help with your order.

SDVOSB-Medical - Uline

Uline, a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America. Our easy-to-use, 580-page catalog contains over 27,500 packaging, shipping, industrial and janitorial products, ready to ship today. What Makes Us Different! SDVOSB-Medical is an authorized partner, available to answer any questions and ready to help with your order.

SDVOSB Medical - Supreme Medical

Supreme Medical is a wholesale distributor with a vast selection of medical supplies, equipment, devices and various additional medical products. They have over 20 different product categories with a selection of tens of thousands of medical supplies. SDVOSB-Medical is an authorized partner, available to answer any questions and ready to help with your order.

SDVOSB-Medical - Ascend Surgical Sales

At Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC we intend to partner with our customers to improve their clinical skills, practice performance and patient services through the use of advanced medical devices and technology. We will accomplish this by distributing medical devices, provide specialty procedure accessories and clinical education services for physicians and staff throughout the United States.

SDVOSB-Medical - BioSeal

Bioseal is a leading provider of specialty sterilization services and custom packaging. We assist sourcing unique, single-use items and create time saving, procedure-specific kits. Bioseal helps find solutions that other companies won't!
SDVOSB-Medical - Buy Veteran

About SDVOSB-Medical, (a Tosa Trio LLC)

To Our Government Customers:
SDVOSB-Medical provides Medical, Dental, Surgical, Laboratory, Industrial and Specialty health care products to the VA, DOD, DOE, IHS, Federal Prisons and Public Health Systems nationally.

SDVOSB-Medical reduces the expenses associated with processing Redistribution orders, by providing unified services and support throughout the supply chain from initial order through final delivery.

By developing a comprehensive group of services under one umbrella and including over 1.7 Million products, SDVOSB-Medical offers customers more options for product selection, pricing and delivery without the need to work with different vendor organizations or multiple contacts. This greatly simplifies the process for customers and allows streamlining of processes for reduced shipping and warehousing costs.

To Our Industry Partners:
Our pursuit of "Meaningful Purpose" that "Makes a Difference" to patients drives every decision we make. HCS- Medical's central mission is to improve patient health care by providing innovative best in class products ensuring a clinically relevant experience.

We choose to embrace the science of innovative product development. We believe evidence based science for both pre-market and post-market launch of products is critical to sustainable utilization of those products.